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[SOLVED]Qt for Windows Phone problem

  • Hi all !

    My PC is Core 2 Duo 2 x 2.0Ghz, 4GB RAM, Windows 8 Pro 64bit (not Windows 8.1). I want only develop for Windows Phone (not want Windows RT), then i only installed Windows Phone 8 SDK included Visual Studio Express 2012 and Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable for MSCVP120.dll (for winrtrunner), don't install any Visual Studio 2013 version. I used Qt 5.3 with WinRT build BETA pluggin. For test Hello World, I create a Qt Quick Project (without anything change in code and project's configuration) with Windows Phone Arm (real device) and Windows Phone x86 (Emulator) target check. Because my computer's CPU not support Virtualization (SLAT) then it hasn't any Windows Phone Emulator, so I focused to Windows Phone Arm with Visual Studio Build. When i build it from Qt creator it throw exception "uuidgen.exe is not recognized..." but building was successful. After that, i create Visual C++ Project with command qmake -tp vc, but when i open this VS project, Visual Studio throw error "The system file cannot find the file specified".

    With this system configuration, can i develop qt for windows phone? If "yes", what did I do wrong?

  • Hi,

    I had the same issue. May be it comes from windows phone capabilities.
    But I solved this pb by adding all qml files in a ressource file. That's how qt creator creates default qml projects now.


  • @Tomme: In default Qt Quick Project, has only main.qml in resource file qml.qrc, and I just created and built without any edit. I think my problem is different from yours.

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    I don't have any experience with Windows Phone, but did you make sure you used Visual Studio for Windows Phone, and not Visual Studio for Windows?

    [quote]but when i open this VS project, Visual Studio throw error “The system file cannot find the file specified”.[/quote]That's very vague. Which file couldn't be found? Are there any more error messages?

    Try using File -> Open Project... in Visual Studio.

  • Thanks, JKSH!

    My problem is my configuration not meet minimium system requirement (Qt WinRT build only run on Windows 8.1). Now, when i install windows 8.1 and VS 2013 in my pc, Qt runs perfectly.

    PS: I want to recommend Qt Dev Team for improve feature, so where can i send to?

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    I'm glad to hear you've found a solution!

    Post your recommendation to -- create a new Issue and select "Suggestion" instead of "Bug"

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