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[SOLVED] Reinstalled an now facing compiler issue.

  • Hi,

    I have had an issue with my Qt install which meant i needed to uninstall and reinstall my version of Qt. Unfortunately when I reinstalled it now gives me the error "Qt Creator needs a commpiler set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options."

    This was working before the reinstall and I thought I'd done it all right.

    Anyone spot something I've missed?

    Compilers -
    Qt Version -


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    Do you have the corresponding Visual Studio installed ? The android NDK/SDK ? Set up Qt Creator's android environment ?

  • I have Visual Studio Express 2010 installed (C++ version) installed. Although I did uninstall the trial of 2012 I had when I did a reinstall of Qt. I will try reinstating it.

    As far as Android side, I'm not aiming on building android applications, only windows based ones.

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    Then you have to install the VS2010 package. You can't mix different Visual Studio / Qt packages. Microsoft compilers are not compatible between versions

  • Ah apologies. I thought that I had matched the packages correctly. I saw in compiler section is had out detected MSVC2010 in compilers and matched what i had in Qt Versions and what I had installed in terms of Visual Studio.

    I'm assuming the package you mean is - "This one here":

    I'll download it again and see if maybe i did something wrong when I first installed it.


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    [quote author="Lance471" date="1406548203"]I'm assuming the package you mean is - "This one here":
    [/quote]No, that's the redistributable package. You need the compilers.

    However, MSVC 2010 is very old. Why not just download MSVC 2013?

  • That's what i did in the end and it worked like a treat.

    I swapped from 2013 because of some installation issues i was having with it, however swapping out solved one issue and created another one. I just sucked it and sorted out the original issue I was having.


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    Nice you could sort it out.

    Since you have a working setup now, please update the thread title prepending [solved] so other forum users may know a solution has been found :)

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