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QRadioTuner and Maemo5

  • Hello, I have developed an app for the n900, QRadio, to use the fm receiver.

    I have followed the QRadioTuner class documentation and downloaded the mobility radio example, but it's not working as it should. Sound suddenly stops without any reason, more the cpu is loaded and more it stops: the app doesn't crash or get a seg fault, it's just the sound no more working till a restart. Using the example in extras-devel repository is the same, I just push 3 times in a row the power button to stress it and audio can't be heard anymore. If I don't touch the phone the radio can go on for hours, I get an sms or open a web window and it happens.

    Another issue is the start() and stop() methods: they seam not to work at all. As soon as I create the QRadioTuner object, the fm radio receiver works and I can't use the stop() method to stop it. The only way is to delete the object, but within an app with several connections I get a seg fault now. Without the ability to start and stop, radio can be heard while there are calls: even if the app gets closed, radio keeps working and can be heard from the other side of the call and microphone doesn't work. After a while fm receiver gets shutdown but the microphone still doesn't work till the inbuilt headphones (the ones with a mic incorporated) are plugged off or I manually edit an amixer value.

    Stereo mode seams not to work aswell, I can change its value all the times I want, it doesn't change anything.

    I have tried everything, mobility 1.2libraries or putting the app as a system one, but what I have written keep happening.

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