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Android Virtual Device stays black

  • Hi,
    I successfully started an example project on my Nexus 10, but I can not get an virtual device to work. The virtual device stays black and then Qt says that there was an error deploying on android device but no further information. I tested on windows 7 (Pentium Dual Core) and Mac Mini. Both have the same problem!

    I installed everything required (Android SDK+NDK, Ant, Java JDK, ...). For the virtual device I set CPU to Intel Atom and Target to API 20. I tried other configurations but nothing worked.

    Any ideas?


  • no one else with this problem?

  • The Android emulator is far from perfect, it will not run smooth on PC's with slow CPU's. The deployment simply fails because the AVD is not booted, yet. Maybe try to set the API Level to 19, since 20 is not correctly recognized in Qt, yet afaik.

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