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QT Creator crashes with no reason!

  • Hi
    I don't know if more people have the same problem, but since the last update to creator, he is crashing randomly! i'm using ubuntu 14.04. And this is anoying as hell. You are working and the creator simply close.

    does anyone have a cleu about what is happening?

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    You should try starting Qt Creator on the command line, you might get more information on the console

  • hi, i tried what you said. And for some strange reason, it opens the QtCreator that i have from the ubuntu store. Plus, i have a lot of errors like "(cannot override) myuser/.config/QtProject/qtcreator/profiles.xml" and others relate to acess to files in this directory(toolchains,devices,etc).

    Forgot to say, i started the creator using the .sh

    The strange thing is, is i start QtCreator by double click, it opens the right one QtCreator(opensource).

    Do you think, that Creator by ubuntu store and Creator by regular dowload are messing with each other?

    Thanks for the help and the time.

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    Are you sure you are starting the right Creator from the command line ?

  • yes... the other ont is on the usr/bin, and what im using is one home/qt/tools/qtcreator/bin

    there is some log app file from creator? just to see if there is some kind of error when he crashes.

  • I think qtcreator prints everything on a console.

    Try to move $HOME/.config/QtProject* files somewhere or delete them and then start qtcreator again using full path to executable

  • i tried that because, i open the sh with sudo, and the files, moved their owner, so i deleted them. The error on the acesse of the .xml stoped. But the wierd thing of opening the ubuntu store cretor instead of the version on the dir still continues.

    The must weird things is, that the crashes, are tottally random. Creator, can crash 2 or 3 only with 1 minute of use, and sometimes you work hours, and nothing weird happens.

    This behavior only started to take place, since i update to Qt Creator 3.1.2 (opensource),Based on Qt 5.3.1 (GCC 4.6.1, 64 bit),Built on Jun 23 2014 at 04:09:33.

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