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Using OpenGL

  • Hi All,
    My Company has 30 app on Ovi created by Qt, are chart apps, now to be able to improve the performance I'd like to use OpenGL support, but from what I know it's not available for nokia devices and i cannot wait the official release of new Qt Nokia SDK.
    I use QGraphicsObject to draw my Company charts on the screen.
    Have you some tips?

  • Isn't OpenGL/ES available on mobile devices?
    Are you saying that you can not just set a QGLWidget as the viewport widget of your QGraphicsView on a mobile device?

    Note: I don't have recent experience with developing for the mobile world...

  • It is still not available. I have the same problem, I recently send to Nokia Ovi my first app, but I had to cut the OpenGL graphic part, because it's not available to Symbian. I'm waiting for the final release of the QtSdk, and hopping that it will be available, I know it's a feature planned for future release, but I'm not sure if it will be on the first non-beta release.

    Any troll's out there, please some road maps and any dates for the release ? : )

    I already start to working in a version with widget's and QPainter, but I don't know if it's worth the trouble.

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