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QTreeWidget - update content of specific items/positions

  • Hi developers,

    i am working on a programm which stores periodic information frames with several informations into a QTreeWidget. The headers are separated by they're ID's and the submessages are written below the header as child's. It is no problem to create that messages and submessages for every Frame.

    I want to create a new message header only if it's ID is detected the first time. For this i created a register which stores all received ID's and counts the number of all different ID's. This way i can create a new message header only once in a runtime.

    My problem is, i would like to know how to update all frame data except the ID inside the header item, if the ID is detected the second, third... time and so on. I am only able to update (or just overwrite) the last item created, but I need to step to a specific QTreeWidgetItem which is chosen by the ID.

    Is there any possibility to update or rewrite a specific position in the QTreeWidget or does anyone have an idea for my problem?

    I'm sorry for my bad english, i hope u are able to understand my problem and can help me :)
    If my subscribing is inadequate plz tell me too.

    greetings Fruwu

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