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Q3ScrollView doesn't redraw scene when moving scroollbar

  • Hello!

    I had to port my Qt3 app quickly to Qt4, so I used qt3to4 tool. It moved QScrollView class with Q3ScrollView, and now the latter doesn't redraw scene when moving scroollbar.

    So, I added:

    But it didn't help. What can be the reason for this behaviour?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    You should look at the "Porting to Qt 4" guide and update your widgets accordingly. The Qt3Support library is there to ease the transition but you should convert directly to proper Qt 4 widgets. If your next step is Qt 5 there's no Qt3Support.

    Also, you're not likely to find lots of people using the Qt3XXX widgets here since most users come with a Qt4 or 5 background.

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