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How to create a linear chart in Qt?

  • Hello fellows ;-)
    First of all i'd like to say I'm just a beginner in Qt.

    I'd like to create a line chart in my program and i'm pondering how to do this...
    Is there any easy way to creat nice chart in Qt for free?

    Have You any examples of code? I just begining my adventure with Qt and i'm a little bit confused.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Qwt and KDChart comes to mind for that task

    Hope it helps

  • Thanks @SGaist
    I found Qwt before, but i've decided i will try create my own chart class ;-) If i'll give up i use Qwt or KDChart follow You ;)
    Best regards.

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