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[SOLVED] <QSqlQuery> vs <QtSql/QSqlQuery>

  • Solved: The qmake module include must be present in all projects using it even indirectly.

    I was used to add modules to qmake:

    QT += sql

    and then including the classes as:

    #include <QSqlQuery>

    however recently in my plugins/libraries based project I can compile the plugin just fine with the above but when compiling the whole project I get this error:

    QSqlQuery: No such file or directory

    Oddly simply replacing the include with:

    #include <QtSql/QSqlQuery>

    works fine. Why is that? Thx.

    Note: I am using Qt 5.3 and the class header that uses this include is located in a shared library so the class is being exported with Q_DECL_EXPORT if that is of any significance.

  • AFAIK there is no difference but try to use the following instead:
    [code]#include <QtSql>[/code]

    I usually use it for accessing all SQL classes

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    What do you mean by all project vs plugin ?

    On a side note, using module include is a bad habit, while it's ok for rapid prototyping, it should be avoided as it pulls in everything from the module and thus slows down the whole compilation process.

  • 2mbnoimi: All sql family includes do not work when used plainly without the qtsql/ (nor does whole module) directory specified with the same error as in OP.

    2SGaist: I have a subdirs project with 2 apps, 3 shared libraries and several dynamic plugins. The problem occurs with one of the libraries. When I compile it on its own (right-click in Creator -> Build/Rebuild) it compiles fine. But when I build one of the apps using it (which also builds the linked libraries) it gives me the error above.

  • Does each of the sub projects that use the SQL plugin have QT += sql in their .pro files?

    When you have a sub project that is a shared library, the shared library requires the Qt module in the .pro as well as the project including files located in the shared library.

    I have had to do this before, try adding QT += sql in the .pro file of the app including files from the shared library.

  • 2devz43: Thanks, this solved the problem!

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