Issues with evdev when cross-compiling Qt statically

  • Hello,

    i'm trying to create a small application for my dev-board (armhf, ubuntu). Currently, the application is made with some widgets and not really functional. But on my dev-computer the application starts correctly and displays everything as expected. At the dev-board is neither a lightweight X nor Qt5 available. So i wanted to use the linuxfb. That also works on my computer with following command:
    @<application> -platform linuxfb -plugin EvdevKeyboard -plugin EvdevMouse@
    Then i cross-compiled Qt 5.3.0 using following configuration:
    @./configure -opensource -confirm-license -prefix /opt/qt5-armhf -static -no-qml-debug -xplatform armhf-g++ -no-gif -qt-libpng -no-libjpeg -no-openssl -no-cups -no-eglfs -no-directfb -no-directfb -qpa linuxfb -no-opengl -nomake examples -nomake tests@
    After compiling everything, moving fonts and application to the dev-board, i started it and got following output at stdout:
    @This plugin does not support setParent!@
    The window was visible, but no input was recognized. The input devices are working correctly, i can cat them without issues. I also tried to link the application with the evdev-plugins via .pro:
    @QT += widgets

    DESTDIR = bin
    HEADERS = src/mainwindow.h src/modules/RepartitionModule.h src/modules/ConfigModule.h
    SOURCES = src/main.cpp src/mainwindow.cpp src/modules/RepartitionModule.cpp
    RESOURCES = installer.qrc
    QTPLUGIN += qevdevkeyboardplugin qevdevmouseplugin@

    What's wrong and how to repair?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    If you run your app as the root user, are you able to use the inputs then?

  • If using linuxfb, i have to call as root. A normal user is (without modification of udev-rules) not able to open /dev/fbX. So yes: i'm not able to get inputs even running as root.

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