Update of Qt project (for Android) necessary? Reason for app crash on startup?

  • I started developing an application for Android with the 5.1 beta version. In the meanwhile 5.3.1 is available.

    I recognized that projects created with current Qt versions have changes regarding the project structure. I didn't adapt the project structure created with Qt5.1.

    Is this necessary?

    Furthermore do I need to update the QTQuick import versions in the QML files?

    Currently my app crashes with 5.3 / 5.3.1 on startup and I'm wondering whether this is connected to the project structure.

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    You don't give us much information. So, genral answers:

    • yes, please bump the QML import versions, this way you enable all the new, good stuff that has been added between 5.1 and 5.3 (and there is a lot)
    • changing project structure: I don't know what you mean, I suspect the default QML viewer class that QtCreator creates. Well, I never use that viewer, I prefer using raw QQuickView. But no changes should be necessary in your case
    • please provide more information about the crash. Compile and run your application in debug mode, with debugger attached, and see where it fails

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