Pyside / OSX (Mavericks) -- Very slow app startup

  • Hi all,

    Well, this seems to be essentially all I ever post about here. When I used to use PyQt for my app, only this code took 8.5 seconds:

    import sys
    from PyQt4 import Qt
    a = Qt.QApplication(sys.argv)

    I switched to PySide and got a big speedup, down to only about 3 seconds.

    However, after upgrading to Mavericks and using homebrew to reinstall PySide and Qt, this code takes 8 seconds!

    import sys
    from PySide.QtCore import *
    from PySide.QtGui import *
    app = QApplication(sys.argv)

    It's always the last line, so I believe there is a delayed import.

    Is there any way to achieve any sort of speedup in application launch? 8 seconds it just too long to wait again and again, and it's especially frustrating when debugging.

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    One speedup you can try is to avoid calling import *, import only what you use.

    Hope jt helps

  • Unfortunately, this also takes 8 seconds:

    import sys
    from PySide.QtGui import QApplication
    app = QApplication(sys.argv)

    I have no leads on what else to try..

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    Which version of Qt are you currently using ?

  • print PySide.QtCore.version


    Anything come to mind?

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    First thing to do move to 4.8.6, it's the first version of the 4 series that officially supporting Mavericks

  • Alright, I'll give it a try. I had quite a bit of trouble trying to install Qt/PySide once I moved to Mavericks. What ultimately worked was running:

    brew install pyside

    and after quite some time it was all built and installed. I guess for some reason that command ended up doing 4.8.5. I only ran it two weeks ago.

    Any suggestions on the best path to getting 4.8.6 installed? I'm a bit new to the installation and building process.

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    Since you are using brew, then you should look with the brew guys directly.

    Otherwise, you can grab the latest Qt 4 installer from the download page

  • I'd be happy to try installing somehow other than with brew.

    I only resorted to using brew and building rather than just installing binaries because here:

    The Qt link for for OSX links to 4.8.5 (and is broken!)

    Perhaps I don't understand -- is the proper installation path to install Qt 4.8.6, then compile PySide on top of that? Or is there somewhere I can just get binaries for Qt 4.8.6 and PySide 1.2.1?

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    The link has been update

    You should contact the original author of this wiki entry to see if he can help you directly

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