Reception of UDP packet on iOS stagnates

  • Hello!

    I am writing an App for iOS using Qt 5.3.1.

    The App is supposed to receive UDP packets sent about every 40 mS.
    The packets contain only a few bytes.

    I connect the signal "readyRead" with my method to process the incoming data:

    @QObject::connect(&udpSocket, SIGNAL (readyRead()), this, SLOT (processPendingDatagrams()));

    Now I got the following problem:
    Instead of receiving the packets one by one I get burst of packets and than breaks of about 300 mS.

    Using Qt on Mac OS X or Windows the packets are received equidistant.

    It seems that there is some packet queue and the signal "readyRead" is emitted after several packtes are received.
    I already tried to set the read buffer size and socket options like "LowDelayOption" or "ReceiveBufferSizeSocketOption".
    Nothing made a difference.

    Does anybody has experience with UDP packets on iOS using Qt?

    Thanks for your help!

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