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Difference between installer and source files?

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    I have just started learning about using Qt for embedded Linux development. On the Qt downloads page there is an availaiblity of both the souce files and the installer(online and offline) files for the SDK. The Qt documentation always talks about downloading the Qt SDK source files and then configuring it for host->make->make install and a similar process for the target system as shown in the link - Am i then write in assuming that all these mentioned procudures for correct setup is done automatically by the installer? What is the difference?

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    The installer contains pre-compiled binaries for your host machine. To build binaries for your embedded device (called your target machine) you need to cross-compile the binaries yourself, using the source code.

    Please note that the link you gave is for Qt 4 only. I recommend that you use Qt 5 instead. Here is the relevant documentation:

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