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[SOLVED] Cannot find QtSystemInfo after complie and installe QtSystems

  • I compied QtSystems under QT5.3 on MacOSX 10.9.0 .

    I can find QtPublishSubscribe in qml folder but no serviceframework & systeminfo after compilation and installation.

    I found something in qt5/qtsystems/src/

    TEMPLATE = subdirs
    CONFIG += ordered

    !android: !ios: !blackberry {
    !without-publishsubscribe: SUBDIRS += publishsubscribe
    !macx:!without-serviceframework: SUBDIRS += serviceframework
    !macx:!without-systeminfo: SUBDIRS += systeminfo

    SUBDIRS += tools
    qtHaveModule(quick): SUBDIRS += imports


    Does it mean QtSystems/systeminfo is not support MacOSX ?

    Moreover, does it support mobile devices like android and iphone ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    From a quick look at the current 5.3 git branch of qtsysteminfo, it seems that the desktop platforms are supported

  • Hi SGaist,

    I try to look up API document and cannot find how to get SystemInfo under QT 5.3 .... =.="
    Is there any other way to get systeminfo of macosx, android, ios ?

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    You might have to download the sources on git to ensure you have the latest version.

    Like I already said, it looks like currently only OS X, Linux and Windows are currently implemented

  • Thanks! Got it!

  • I have all the same. I compiled and install QtSystems on OS X, but only QtPublishSubscribe was build. And then I try to run qml-battery it says: "module "QtSystemInfo" is not installed".

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