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[Solved] Settings menu item in Spanish translation is missing, replaced by Page Setup menu item, on Mac OSX

  • This documents a programmer error on OSX using Spanish translations.

    If you translate 'Page Setup' to 'Configuracion de Pagina' for a QAction menu item, on OSX Qt automagically moves it to the App menu, where 'Preferences' would normally be (and overwriting the 'Settings'/'Preferences' menu item.) I suppose Qt is comparing the translation of 'Settings' i.e. 'Configuracion' to find which menu items to move (and it mistakenly moves more than one?)

    The solution is not to use the Spanish word 'Configuracion' as the prefix of any menu items other than the 'Settings' menu item.

    Despite that places like (the best translation website) recommend 'Configuracion de Pagina' for 'Page Setup.' I am using 'Puesta en Papel' instead, for 'Paper Layout' or literally 'Design in Paper.' I haven't tried it, possibly 'Pagina Configuracion' would work.

  • Also, my Spanish translation of 'About MyApp' is 'Acerca de MyApp', and Qt DOES automagically move that to the Help menu.

    Also, my Spanish translation of 'Settings' is 'Preferencias' and Qt does NOT move that to the App menu (on OSX)? I suppose I could look in the code and in qt_ts.

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    You can also use the MenuRole property to help put the action on the right place

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