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Environment variables, search paths, and not finding stuff

  • I've finally been able to build Qt 5.2.1 for my embedded ARM Linux target, and I'm able to run some of the example programs on it. However, there seems to be a misconfiguration of my environment since things can't be found automatically. By things, I mean:

    • I have to set the QT_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable for anything to run.
    • I have to run Quick executables from my /qml directory for them to be able to find extensions. QML_IMPORT_PATH variable doesn't seem to make any difference.
    • Apparently fonts can't be found even though they're in /usr/lib/fonts. I get the error "distance-field glyph is not available with index 0".

    So, why can't these things be found? I would think that since I have to point Creator at my target's qmake, and since qmake (and now, Creator) know all these paths, why aren't they picked up properly? Why isn't QML_IMPORT_PATH working? Are there a bunch of other variables I need to set up, and if so, is there a list of them somewhere (I can't seem to find this part of the documentation)?

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