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[Solved] QTableView and QSqlQueryModel: Change number of rows first loaded from model.

  • I am currently creating a tool to preview data from SQL database tables. I have QTableView that shows the data, and run-time I connect a QSqlQueryModel based on user click in a list of table names. The data is fetched from a SQLite database.

    Simplified, this is how i populate the view:

    QString query = query = "SELECT * FROM " % ui.lswPreviewTables->currentItem()->text();
    QSqlQueryModel currentDataModel->setQuery(query, currentDatabase);

    My quyestion is: Is there a way to reduce the number of rows initially loaded? I have read somewhere in the forums that this is 255 or 256 rows. For a click-and-hold function for preview, the loading is a bit too slow when columns exceeds 70.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Depending on your needs, you could simply add a LIMIT to your query

    Hope it helps

  • That was really clever, SGaist. I don't know why that did not cross my mind. I want the user to be able to scroll the QTableView to see more data. Maybe a solution is to remove LIMIT from the model's query as soon as the scrollbar value changes.

    Thank you for your help.

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