Is creating an RFCOMM connection without pairing possible with Qt Bluetooth API

  • I would like to write a C++ cross-platform app for Android and iOS using Qt framework's Bluetooth API (I know Bluetooth for iOS is not yet available in Qt 5.3) that is able to discover nearby devices and communicate with them as soon as they are discovered. However, connection between peers must be possible without the need for first being paired by the user. In other words, communication between unknown devices must be possible as long as those devices also are running that same app. As far as I know Android's Bluetooth API allows such connections.

    So my question is:

    Does Qt also allow such connections? And if so, is it likely that a future iOS Bluetooth Qt binding will allow this, too?

  • I think this is impossible because the Bluetooth protocol does not allow this.
    Also the documentation of the Bluetooth Api (Java) clearly tells that you always have to pair the devices first.

  • What I found out so far is that Androids Java API can list all paired devices and open a connection without running a device discovery process.

    On Linux, I can run the command "bt-device -l" which immediatley returns a list of known devices (address and name). How can I get a similar list via QBluetooth wihtoud running the time-consuming discovery process?

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