How to do cross compilation for arm cortex a8

  • Hello ,

    Requirement is to build a Qt application for Arm cortex 8
    Desktop OS :Ubuntu 13.04
    Target device OS: Ubuntu 12.10 with LXDE

    What I know is we need a cross compilation method to build binary for the target environment.

    Step 1 : Download the tool chain for arm, Install it in a specific location.

    ( What are all the packages needs to be installed ? )

    Step 2: Change the Qt build configuration for new tool chain.

    (What are all the minimum changes needs to be done ? )

    I am loosing track somewhere during the tool chain installation !

    *Can any one please elaborate what are the steps needs to be done for ARM tool chain installation ?

    Where can I get the correct tool chain for ARM cortex 8 (link)?*

    Once the tool chain installation is successful , I hope Qt gives enough information to connect this tool chain
    for further compilation procedure.

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