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Makesis/CreateSis error

  • Hello

    While building and deploying of application on Symbian device, Im getting the following error which Im not able to figure out.
    Cleaning the project also didnt help.

    bq. Running build steps for project BatterySMS...
    Starting: "g:\qt\symbian\sdks\symbian1qt471\bin\qmake.exe" G:\Qt\SEProject\Powermanagement\BatterySMS\ -r -spec symbian-abld -after OBJECTS_DIR=obj MOC_DIR=moc UI_DIR=ui RCC_DIR=rcc QMLJSDEBUGGER_PATH=G:/Qt/QtCreator/share/qtcreator/qml/qmljsdebugger
    The process "g:\qt\symbian\sdks\symbian1qt471\bin\qmake.exe" exited normally.
    Starting: "G:\Qt\Symbian\SDKs\Symbian1Qt471\epoc32\tools\make.exe" debug-gcce -w
    G:\Qt\Symbian\SDKs\Symbian1Qt471\epoc32\tools\make.exe: Entering directory G:/Qt/SEProject/Powermanagement/BatterySMS' bldmake bldfiles ABLD.BAT build gcce udeb G:\Qt\Symbian\SDKs\Symbian1Qt471\epoc32\tools\make.exe: Leaving directoryG:/Qt/SEProject/Powermanagement/BatterySMS'
    The process "G:\Qt\Symbian\SDKs\Symbian1Qt471\epoc32\tools\make.exe" exited normally.
    Starting: "G:\Qt\Symbian\SDKs\Symbian1Qt471\epoc32\tools\make.exe" sis in G:/Qt/SEProject/Powermanagement/BatterySMS
    make -f Makefile ok_sis MAKEFILES=.make.cache
    make[1]: Entering directory G:/Qt/SEProject/Powermanagement/BatterySMS' createpackage.bat BatterySMS_template.pkg DEBUG-GCCE make[1]: Leaving directoryG:/Qt/SEProject/Powermanagement/BatterySMS'
    make[1]: *** [ok_sis] Error -1073741792
    G:\Qt\Symbian\SDKs\Symbian1Qt471\epoc32\tools\make.exe: *** [sis] Error 2
    The process "G:\Qt\Symbian\SDKs\Symbian1Qt471\epoc32\tools\make.exe" exited with code 2.
    Error while building project BatterySMS (target: Symbian Device)
    When executing build step 'Create SIS Package'


    I tried the makesis command manually, and am getting the following error.

    G:\Qt\Symbian\SDKs\Symbian1Qt471\epoc32\tools>makesis g:\Qt\SEProject\Powermanagement\BatterySMS\
    Processing g:\Qt\SEProject\Powermanagement\BatterySMS\BatterySMS_template.pkg...
    Error : Cannot find file : g:/Qt/Symbian/SDKs/Symbian1Qt471/epoc32/release/$(PLATFORM)/$(TARGET)/BatterySMS.exe

    Please help
    Thank you

  • There are some steps, that you should follow while creating sis file for your Qt project from Qt creator.

    If your code running fine in the simulator and generating error while deploying it to the device, then may be the Qt or Qt mobility version differs.

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