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ClearCase plugin for Qt Creator

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    I want to create a plugin for ClearCase integration with Qt Creator.

    Is there any howto/getting started/internal documentation, or should I just copy another vcs plugin and modify it?


  • The bazaar plugin (new in master) is still pretty minimal and could probably serve as a good guide for your own plugin.

    Feel free to ask for help on the Qt Creator mailing list (qtcreator@qt.nokia.com) if you get stuck.

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    Thanks for the fast reply!

    ClearCase is quite different from the FOSS engines I worked with (cvs, svn, git). All the files are locally read-only, and when you need to edit a file, you need to check it out. When you're done you check-in. If you ever worked with VSS - this flow is quite similar.

    Besides checked-out and read-only files, a manually overridden file ("Make writable") is considered "Hijacked", and you may check it out and keep the changes, or revert it to read-only (Undo hijack).

    Is there any way to indicate which files were modified and which are untouched in the source tree? (something like TortoiseSVN...)

  • No, I never worked with VSS, but had some really limited exposure to ClearCase.

    This will become tricky. So far Qt Creator has no support to do VCS-specific magic before opening a file. Is there a way to do that without interfering with the file opening code? We do not like plugins to meddle with internals;-).

    TortoiseSVN (and Creator, too) gets the information on which files were modified from the VCS. So if ClearCase has a way to list the modified files then you can ask it to provide that information.

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    There is a way to get the information. Question is if it is possible to display it visually on the source tree (like TortoiseSVN superimposes icons on Windows Explorer)

  • We do not superimpose anything in our file-based views yet. That would surely be possible though. I have not seen that feature requested much though. The icons off files in creator are rather small to add a meaningful overlay, too.

    Of course that will only effect the views of the files inside Qt Creator, not the Windows Explorer:-)

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    How about setting the text color for the filenames (e.g. green for checked-in, orange for checked-out, red for hijacked)? Is that possible?

  • Not without some modifications.

    Ideally Creator would just handle all that clearcase magic transparently...

  • But it woukd be nice, if the files could be represented in the same way, as in ClearCase Explorer. For ClearCase users (I am one of them) it would make it easier.

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    Well, in ClearCase explorer it displays an icon to the right of the original icon (V for checked-out, crossed V for hijacked, none for checked-in). This is an option too...

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    to the left, pardon me

  • It would be great, to have those features :-)

  • ClearCase is not on my ToDo list and I maintain the VCS stuff right now.

    Feel free to implement a plugin though! Qt Creator is a open source project and you guys obviously are developers or you would not be requesting a plugin;-)

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    That was my intention from the first place. That wasn't a feature request, but rather a request for information :)

    I'll try to do this and see how it goes...

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    Thanks for all your help.
    I'm almost done with the plugin :)

    I still have a problem - when I do check-in (aka commit), I hold a FileChangeBlocker for the file (it is changed from read-write to read-only), but I still get the "file changed outside Qt Creator" message.

    How do I avoid it?

  • Oh, good question! I think Creator triggers on all changes to the file, even if it is only meta-data... No idea how to get around that.

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    The problem is with runVCS running synchronously, so notifies aren't blocked. Maybe you should add a real blocker for synchronous operations (e.g. expectFileChanges() should set some variable that will be tested on checkForReload())

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    About icon overlaying - I found that function in FileIconProvider (works by mime type or extension). Problem is it cannot be replaced with a customized one...

    What I'd like to do is use my own FileIconProvider, and use the overlay function to overlay a small status icon (or widen the icon to add a status icon next to it)

  • Orgad, did you give up on icon overlaying? Is it feasible?

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    Better ask the guys on freenode :)

    I hardly use CC nowadays, so my motivation is low ;-)

  • I know ;) I'm probably the only one using CC ;)

    But do you remember why you gave up/didn't implement it back in 2011? Just wanted to check with you before I start digging...

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    It looked too complicated, and I wasn't familiar with Creator's codebase.

    I guess today I'd use the Git plugin as a reference rather than Subversion too...

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