QWidget->height() returns incorrect value in 5.3

  • I compared builds with 5.2.1 and 5.3 after finding this bug. I can confirm that 5.2.1 works fine and 5.3 does NOT.
    For example, create a QMainWindow with a QWidget of some size in QtCreator.
    In C++ code, read the QWidgets' height (int h = ui->widget->height()) In 5.2.1 this will be the height you set, in 5.3, it appears to be 1/10th the size.
    Serious BUG!

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    What OS are you running on ?

    And please post an example code that shows the behavior

  • Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 13.10 and Windows 8.1 all tried.
    The example of the code was posted to the original message.
    int h = ui->widget->height();

    Run this in your debugger and check the value of h. You will see there is a huge difference between versions.

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    That's not a usable example. You are using a designer based widget so I don't know if you put any layout on it, if you set your widget as central widget etc. Also you don't tell when or where you are getting the widget's height.

  • Just try the simple example I gave and you will see.
    I did say, exactly in the example how to call the height() method.

    Do it any way you like and it all comes out the same.

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    The correct sizes will be calculated if you show() the widget.

    QWidget w;
    w.setGeometry(0, 0, 400, 300);

    auto layout = new QVBoxLayout;
    auto textEdit = new QTextEdit;
    qDebug() << "Before showing: " << textEdit->height();
    qDebug() << "After showing: " << textEdit->height();


    My output is:
    Before showing: 480
    After showing: 278

    As a workaround, try calling this->show() before ui->widget->height().

    Since this behaviour breaks old programs, please report it to http://bugreports.qt-project.org/

  • That's pretty wrong and it breaks everything. Geometry shuold be calculated and supplied as soon as possible,no matter if it's visible or not. I understand why on X11 frameGeometry() is tricky , but geometry should be correct all the time.
    I guess that this is really ugly bug and if not then it's bad behaviour.

  • Firstly, one should not call this in Main unless you really have to.
    We dont, we have this with the widgets already showing. Typically from some slot called when a button is pressed. The widget in our case, never changes size during the entire applicaiton run.
    This thread is just to let people know there is a bug. If someone at Qt wants to write a bug report, they can but I wont after all the bad prior experiences.

  • I've also had bad expiriences with issues reporting, but must say that also I had good expiriences. Depends on person who is responsible for issue, so generally it's bad idea to NOT report such issue.

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