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Multiple pages in QStackedWidget

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    Im trying to develop an application and I have used QStackedWidget inside the main Central Widget of the QMainWindow. However Im not able to create more than 10 pages in the Stack Widget. The page_11 shows up in the UI, but the code is not getting generated. On manually adding the object and adding it, QTCreator crashes. I tried creating a new StackedWidget so that I can add another page, however the same problem persists. The code is not getting generated. Is there a limitation on the number of pages inside a stackedwidget or the number of stackedwidget allowed to create.

    Please help Thank you

  • I just tried it, but I can not reproduce the issue. Works just fine for me.

    What platform are you working on? What Qt version?

  • QStackedWidget does not have a limit itself. It may be that Qt Designer and/or the designer component of Creator has some internal limit on the number of pages.

  • I tried adding 13 pages to a stacked widget in designer. Worked for me.

  • Hello
    Im using QTCreator with QT SDK1.1 RC running on Win7.

    When I add the page, the page itself is displayed in the UI. However the page object is not created in the code nor added onto QStackedWidget object. Trying to add it manually crashes QTCreator when I run the application.

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