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[ANDROID]Can`t see shared library code from widged application

  • I want to run application with Qt 5.3 on Android. Applicion uses OpenNI as shared library. In .pro file I added next lines:
    INCLUDEPATH += includes/OpenNI/OpenNI
    INCLUDEPATH += includes/OpenNI/Sensor

    LIBS += -L$$PWD/libs
    LIBS += -lOpenNI

    Each call to function in OpenNI library returns the same error code 0xff. And I can't see the source code for OpenNI shared library although I compile OpenNI from source with debug configuration(with debug symbols I suppose).

    The same initialization code for OpenNI which is built using NDK as an c++ application without Qt support works fine. Just for info I run/deploy c++ application using adb but Qt application I run using QtCreator.

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