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  • Hello,
    I use a computer without X server, and I want to run Qt-4.8.4 OpenGL demos and examples while exporting the display on another computer running an X server with OpenGL 4.4.

    I tested these demos :

    and I also tested all the examples/opengl programs :
    2dpainting, framebufferobject, framebufferobject2, grabber, hellogl, overpainting, pbuffers, pbuffers2, samplebuffers and textures.

    Only the grabber example worked. The other ones either crashed, were totally empty or displayed only non-OpenGL elements.
    The boxes demo displayed an error MessageBox saying that I needed OpenGL 1.5 to run it, whereas the distant machine has OpenGL 4.0.

    Is this normal ? Is there a way to use OpenGL with Qt on a remote display ?

    Thank you

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    For this use case, I'd recommend asking this on the interest mailing list you'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers (this forum is more user oriented)

  • I'm kinda surprised that there was one example worked. it seems to me that without x windows, opengl driver should not work at all.

    egl can support offline rendering, but it's not supported by nvidia driver I think.

    you can use mesa to do offline rendering and send it to remote computer in form of a video. and display the video on the other side.

    I knew someone did a remote opengl es on raspberry pi, can't find the link anymore.

    basically he sends opengl es commands via tcp.

  • X runs on the distant computer, so I think everything should work... Moreover, some OpenGL without Qt applications work, so OpenGL does not seem to be the problem....

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