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Qt 5.3 and model rigged

  • Hi :)
    I'm new in the Qt world . I have to do a android app where I have to control a 3d avatar.

    The 3d avatar is a rigged model. I'm looking for the best language for do it,

    I see that Qt 5.3 is easily portable on other platform and is interesting !

    But on Qt what libray can I use to move a rigged model ? is it exist ?

  • Qt is not a game engine. So, you need to find a library compatible with Qt that provides what you need.

  • Yes I know that but I didn't found the library for do this.
    I see in this link :

    some 3d engine compatible with QT, but it are compatible with qt 5.3 and android ? I don't think , right ? :/

  • Maybe I did not express well because of my English.
    My question is :
    I can use QT for programming the android's app , but can I import in this project the animation created with unity 3d ?

    If yes how ? :)

  • I don't know the answer.
    I can only suggest how to look for a solution:

    • Try on some 3D game dedicated forums because the question is not really related to QT, but how an animation created with unity 3D can be exported and used on a C++ project
    • Try to understand if unity 3D export the animation in a proprietary format or in an open standard format (if proprietary then it's very difficult to do what you want to do)
    • If unity exports in a standard format, then change the question and look for a way to import and use the particular format into a C++/Qt project
    • Last ... if you found some solutions, then find out which one is applicable also to android apps

    Good search.

  • Thanks for the help :)

    I'm looking for :)

  • Hi :)
    I'm looking for an other method to do what I say in the first post :)

    With qt which 3d library can I use that is compatible with android and let me move a part of my rigged model's body ?

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