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(Solved)Putting multiple in a single header and source file

  • Good day. Im still a newbie in NokiaQt. So far using NokiaDesigner I manage to link mainwindow to dialog1 using a button. But the method I use (Ctrl+N -> QT->QT Designer form class) is that each time I create a new dialog I need to have their own headers and also their own source file . I wonder by using (Ctrl+N -> QT ->QT Designer Form) can I create many dialog without creating too much header and sourcefile.Is there any method to it ?

    @void mainwindow::on_pushButton_clicked()
    QDialog *fresh = new QDialog();
    Ui::dialog1 ui;

  • No, this is not possible. You can do this by manually adding the code, but not with the Creator.

    Anyways, it's good practice to put each class into it's own header and implementation file (at least the GUI classes), unless they belong together very tightly. It will save you compile time, as only one class must be rebuilt if you change it.

    EDIT: It's Creator, not Designer, sorry.

  • Thanks..

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