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Error: LNK1104: File "glu32.lib" cannot be opened

  • I just installed Qt, tried to compile and link a fresh Qt Widgets project and I get this error message. Does anybody know a solution?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What version of Qt did you install on which version of Windows ?

  • Hi got the same problem ! I use Qt 5.3 in windows 8.1 ! please help.

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    Which Qt package did you install ?

  • sorry but I'm new to Qt I've installed Qt 5.3 ! how to find which current package is installed ?

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    Which one did you download to install Qt 5 ?

  • I just ran into this same problem.
    I used all the defaults for the install the first time.
    When I got this, I thought I must have messed something up, so I uninstalled and reinstalled.
    I used this version from the site:


    The second time, I chose to add in the OpenGL for Visual Studio 2013 64bit and 32bit.

    My project still wont build.

    I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit on my Surface Pro 3.
    I have Visual Studio 2013 Pro installed, but didn't install the C++ Foundation stuff, unless that's the problem?

  • Just an additional clarification. I installed QT on my MacBook Pro, the Mac version went in fine and I made a HelloWorld project and it built and ran fine.
    I then went and ran Parallels to run my Windows 8.1 Pro VM. I went and downloaded the latest version from the QT site (same version in my previous post), and installed with all the default options, I didn't check anything. The following is the output from the installer telling me what I was installing:

    Selected Component(s) without Dependencies
    Added as dependency for qt.53.
    Component(s) that have resolved Dependencies
    Added as dependency for
    Added as dependency for qt.53.win32_msvc2012_opengl.
    Component(s) that have resolved Dependencies
    Added as dependency for qt.53.win64_msvc2013_64.
    Component(s) that have resolved Dependencies
    Added as dependency for qt.53.android_armv7.
    Component(s) that have resolved Dependencies

    After the installation, I created a new QT Widgets Application, went to immediately build and I got the link error. The only thing in common with my Surface Pro 3 and my Parallels VM is both have Visual Studio 2013 installed.

  • OK, After messing around with the various project settings when creating a new project, I think I figured out what's wrong... It seems that by default when making a new project during Kit Selection, the "Desktop Qt 5.3 MSVC2012 OpenGL 32bit" kit is selected. I don't have VS2012 installed on either of my WIndows setups.

    I uncheck it and leave the "Desktop QT5.3 MVSVC2013 64bit" checked (both were checked by default).

    Once the project is created, I build and it seems to work!

    The next newbie question is how to remove a kit from my previous projects.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Go in the Project panel and remove the kit from there

  • Thanks, I figured it out once you told me where to go. I didn't realize that all the tabs on the top of the Project section were for the kits.

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