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SQL Over HTTP driver plugin

  • When your hosting provider doesn't allow accessing the database server from the outside, what do you do? They allow access to the database only from PHP and Perl from their virtual hosts.

    I know you can change the provider but is there a way to access database from through the web server remotely from a Qt application?

    I mean is there a database plugin already in place or is someone working on sucha database plugin for Qt?


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    You generally provide a REST API to access that database from the outside. This has the benefit to not open a security hole.

  • True,
    so do you know if someone is implementing REST API in database driver plugin? You know, just like mysql_plugin, odbc_plugin, etc.?

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    There's not. The API of your service is up to you. The idea is not to mimic every functionality of your SQL backend, it's to provide a set of functions that will return the data you need.

  • Here's an example how REST API over HTTP/S is supported on the database server side

    Now we need someone to make mysql_over_http_plugin. Is anyone interested?

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