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Looking for few examples of industry-level Qt projects with sources (to learn)

  • Hi,

    I am learning Qt programming for mobile environments (using Qt emulator). Qt itself is pretty straightforward, but I would like to see some real-world examples of professionally made applications. I want to learn all aspects of what makes application a professionally created project. I believe the best option is to learn by example. Therefore, I am seeking to obtain few small-to-medium size applications made using Qt for symbian, symbian touch, symbian^3 phones. QT Quick applications are also of interest. Obviously I am looking for some projects that are written by professionals yet can be obtained with all source files - hobby projects/open source stuff that is. Will not disclosure anything, by default.

    Any good guidelines about professional app design for contemporary Qt-enabled devices are also of much help.

    I am now writing my own demo project now and intent to design it up to professional standards.

    If you could help me with this, feel free to reply here or to contact me via askar.ibragimov (a) Thanks in advance!

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    Check out open source projects: Most are rather good with regard to code quality, you have a community you can ask questions about it and you do not need to bother with NDAs:-)

  • Thanks Tobias, are there any good places to look for these?

  • Moderators has all our code... has more.

    Of course there is also "KDE": which is based on Qt and there are lots of other sites with open source software based on Qt. Use google or your favorite search engine.

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