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Some QtGui libraries that are in docs , compiler doesn't see [solved]

  • Hello I have a problem , that some QtGui libraries that are in docs , compiler doesn't see, f.e. QMotifStyle, QCDEStyle.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Are you using a unix platform ?

    Not all Qt classes/functions are available on all platforms, some are platform specific

  • Thx for welcomin :), I'm using Windows, yeah I know that some functions are platform dependent, but as I see at least they say something like it's embedded in Linux, or we have something like Mac in function name. But examples said at the top, doesn't have references to any platforms.

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    By default, Qt's shipped with the style(s) that goes with your OS (e.g. QMacStyle). The doc says that QMotifStyle is for unix and QCDEStyle inherits from it thus they won't be available by default on windows.

    You can however build the additional styles to try use them if you really want to.

  • Oh yeah, I missed the clue word "Unix" =( my bad for not being attentive. Thx for answering.

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    That can happen ;)

    You're welcome !

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