[Solved] Setting Qt for Embedded Pixel Type to 24bpp BGR

  • I am trying to display my Qt for Embedded Linux application on a 24-bit framebuffer using BGR. I've been reading the QScreen docs:


    It sounds like the only way to get BGR is to subclass QScreen in a custom screen driver plugin? Is that true? Is there an easier way to tell Qt to use 24-bit BGR?

    On my i.mx51 evaluation board, RGB 16 bit and 32 bit work fine. At 24 bit, the hardware wants BGR.

    Thanks in advance!


  • After some more research, this looks like an issue with my framebuffer driver.

    Qt should auto detect and use BGR if the kernel reports BGR in use:

    struct fb_var_screeninfo is a kernel data structure that includes bitfields defining red, blue, green, and transparent.

    Qt calls ioctl FBIOGET_VSCREENINFO to populate fb_var_screeninfo

    Qt detects Pixel Type and Format using fb_var_screeninfo

    1286 void QLinuxFbScreen::setPixelFormat(struct fb_var_screeninfo info)
    1287 {
    1288 const fb_bitfield rgba[4] = { info.red, info.green,
    1289 info.blue, info.transp };

    1309 case 24: {
    1310 const fb_bitfield rgb888[4] = {{16, 8, 0}, {8, 8, 0},
    1311 {0, 8, 0}, {0, 0, 0}};
    1312 const fb_bitfield bgr888[4] = {{0, 8, 0}, {8, 8, 0},
    1313 {16, 8, 0}, {0, 0, 0}};
    1314 if (memcmp(rgba, rgb888, 3 * sizeof(fb_bitfield)) == 0) {
    1315 format = QImage::Format_RGB888;
    1316 } else if (memcmp(rgba, bgr888, 3 * sizeof(fb_bitfield)) == 0) {
    1317 format = QImage::Format_RGB888;
    1318 pixeltype = QScreen::BGRPixel;
    1319 }
    1320 break;
    1321 }

    format is set properly to QImage::Format_RGB888, so the branch at 1314 is taken. If the kernel were reporting a BGR bitfield, then the branch at 1316 would be taken instead and Qt would display BGR pixels.

    Any advice on where to look in the Kernel is appreciated!


  • Matt:

    I am using imx6 with Qt 4.8.2.
    I have meet the same question.
    so, I start to read Qt opensource.
    please look at this source.

    Line 1208

    void qt_blit_setup(QScreen *screen, const QImage &image,
    const QPoint &topLeft, const QRegion &region)
    switch (screen->depth()) {
    #ifdef QT_QWS_DEPTH_32
    case 32:
    if (screen->pixelType() == QScreen::NormalPixel)
    screen->d_ptr->blit = blit_32;
    screen->d_ptr->blit = blit_template<qabgr8888, quint32>;
    #ifdef QT_QWS_DEPTH_24
    case 24:
    if (screen->pixelType() == QScreen::NormalPixel)
    screen->d_ptr->blit = blit_qrgb888;
    screen->d_ptr->blit = blit_24;

    #ifdef QT_QWS_DEPTH_16
    case 16:
    if (screen->d_ptr->fb_is_littleEndian)
    screen->d_ptr->blit = blit_16_bigToLittleEndian;
    if (screen->pixelType() == QScreen::NormalPixel)
    screen->d_ptr->blit = blit_16;
    screen->d_ptr->blit = blit_template<qbgr565, quint16>;

    32bit, 16bit are same.
    24bit is different.
    why 24bit is different?
    I have modified 24bit to same as 32bit and 16bit.
    The color is all right.
    Is this a bug for Qt?
    modified code is
    #ifdef QT_QWS_DEPTH_24
    case 24:
    if (screen->pixelType() == QScreen::NormalPixel)
    screen->d_ptr->blit = blit_24;
    screen->d_ptr->blit = blit_template<qrgb888, quint24>;

  • Is this valid for Qt5.x also?? I am also facing the Color issue after cross compiling the QT from source code for powerpc.
    RGB is appearing as BRG.

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