Correct Configuration for running QT 5.x on display-less Linux Server

  • We are building an application to read in web pages and generate an image of that page. We would like to make it as scalable and fast as possible. To do so it will run without a disply on a linux box (Ubuntu, Oracle, etc...)

    While using standard mode the application would hang and we believe it to be caused by the absence of X on that machine. (unset DISPLAY messages thrown) The minimal platform eliminates the need for XServer but it doesn't seem to accurately read all of the necessary system fonts The images generated either are missing or have a single font for all text. We have played with setting the FONTDIR path and various other items but we cannot get the accurate font from a simple web page.

    Is the minimal platform capable of pulling in and utilizing all system fonts? Or is there something inherent to minimal that won't allow it? It appears to use the FONTDIR path setting but it doesn't ever seem to get simple fonts that are very common. In fact it appears to pick exactly one font for all text.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Not answer just an idea, did you try with the offscreen plugin ?

  • Thanks for the reply. One of the other team members tried that as well as a NO GUI parameter of some kind. As soon as you go headless nothing but 'minimal' works. (we unset the DISPLAY to test)

    Here is our current theory... To read HTML with fonts you need the XServer for scaling and rendering them properly. It seems to be a requirement unless you can deal with a very basic system font. We plan to go with an XServer designed for headless mode and initial testing seems to work. Not an ideal solution but should fill the gap for now.

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    You should also have a look at the interest mailing list or maybe development. IIRC there was a discussions not so long ago about this kind of setup.

    You can also ask about it on the interest mailing list (the development is only for Qt's own development) you'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers (this forum is more user oriented)

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