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Porting desktop application to Android and IOS?

  • I want to port my desktop application to IOS and Android in Qt. I have separated app logic and ui by adaptors/proxies/observers created and injected in factories and there shouldn't be problem related to connected it with QML. My questions are :

    1. How I can configure project to deploy both android, ios and desktop versions of my app?
    2. Can You give me some examples from your experiences with multiplatform deployement?
    3. Can I do it in standard version of qt/qtcreator without any charges?
    4. How I can add qt libraries to my android app ( As I assume free version of Qt dosn't allowed for static compile)?

  • You can refer to "Qt weather app":
    Static link must be used on iOS.

  • I do develop single source cross-platform apps for Win, Linux, MAC, Android and iOS. After you get the basics per platform, it's simple to port them :)

    Your pro file requires to have containers for platform specific code like JNI on android or the icons on iOS.


    @android {
    QT += androidextras@


    @ios {
    BUNDLE_DATA.files = $$PWD/iosImages/Icon-60.png @

    I'm unsure about Qt 5.3, but with 5.2 I had problems using SSL connections on iOS. Such problems you need to add exceptions for the platforms with QtGlobal.

    @#ifdef Q_OS_ANDROID


    Would only compile the code between if the target is an Android device.

    You do not need any special Qt version, the basic free one is fine.

    Libs are added as always, using your .pro file and

    @LIBS +=@

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