Title of QGroupBox(containing CustomWidgets) is partially visible when StyleSheet is set.

  • I have designed a custom widget containing QLabel, QLineEdit and QLabel (contained in QWidget).

    In my application, i have used this custom widget in a groupBox in QDialog and some title is set of this groupBox. There is another groupBox in this application in the same QDialog containing QRadioButtons. When i execute this application both groupBox are visible along with their title.
    When i set styleSheet on this QDialog, the title of the groupBox containing custom widget is partially visible i.e statring charaters are hidden. Why this is happening?

  • Hm, I think a screenshot and your stylesheet would be useful.


  • maybe problem (bug) with QGroupBox layout ?

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    Not necessarily a bug with QGroupBox's layout. Setting a style sheet on a widget makes it use a dedicated QStyle which might be doing something wrong.

    A dialog example along with the style sheet would be useful.

  • Of course, that it's hard to know what is exact problem without single piece of code, we are just speculating what might be problem.

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