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How to save and read from .ini file using QSetting from the custom path

  • In Qt I am using QSettings class for savine and retrieving the application details. I saved the file as .ini format using QSettings. Also I saved the file in C://Program Files. But the file is created in the AppData/VirtualStore path. Is this is the expected behaviour.

    I want to save and retrieve the file from the custom path like C://Program Files/example/data. But I am not able to read the values from the path. Its always read from the /AppData/VirtualStore/ path.

    I am using windows 8 64 bit and Qt version 5.2.1.

    How I can save and read the .ini file in the custom path what I mentioned.

    Its very helpful any one of you give the solution for this problem.

    Thanks In Advance

  • QSettings provides a constructor that takes a file name. Is that what you are using?

    Anyway, are you sure you want to save to C:\Program Files? Your application can only do this if it runs with elevated rights (as in "Run as Administrator")

  • I copied the ini file into C://Program File/app/test path.

    Now I am reading the ini file using the above path. When i run the application the ini file is copied to AppData/Local/Virtual Store/.

    After that my application using the above path for reading the ini file.
    Now I changed the value in the ini file of my actual path C://Program File/app/test path.

    But the application still took the value from AppData/Local/Virtual Store/ path only.

    Is there any solution for solving the problem.

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    Even with elevated rights you can't do everything. Ini files don't belong to the same folder as your application especially since you will be writing to it. You have a set of paths you can use (and that are recommended) You can retrieve them use QStandardPaths

    Hope it helps

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