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[SOLVED]What should be the size of Qt Built output?

  • I cross compiled a sample HTML5 application which comes along with Qt Creator for QNX RTOS. I could get a .exe file in the build directory.

    The size of the exe file is just 51 KB. I want to know whether it is the desired output?

    I assumed sinced it is cross compiling it should bind Libraries of Qt along with my application to create an ,exe file atleast greater than 1MB.

  • The libraries are separate *.dll files outside the *.exe file. So 51kB is no surprise to me.

    I have currently a small Android application in work, which is only 700kb small - including debug information and a downloader for the Ministro service.

    Another example for comparision: notepad.exe from Windows 7 is only 170kb small.

  • Thanks for the clarification

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