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Is there an example of Debugging Helpers?

  • While debugging in QtCreator on OSX I would like to start taking advantage of debugging helpers. I looked at QtCreator 3.1 documentation and understand that I will need to implement helpers in python. However I find available documentation inadequate. Can someone provide pointers to:

    1. A sample implementing a helper. In particular I'd like to see a helper making calls to c++ methods of an object being dumped.
    2. Syntax of "Additional Startup Command" to be specified in debugger options.

    Do people have dissent success implementing/using helpers? In theory they should be of big help but how are they in practice?

    ~ LR

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    I'd recommend posting this question on the qt-creator mailing list. You'll find there Qt Creator developers/maintainers (this forum is more user oriented)

    In between, you could take a look at Qt Creator's sources for inspiration

  • The existing dumper implementations are in the share/qtcreator/debugger/* files. Easiest to get started is to cut&paste stuff from there, and put it e.g. directly into the ''

    In general, it's not advisable to call functions in the dumpers (but possible, see e.g. the QDate dumper)

    And SGaist is right, the mailing list is a better place to ask such stuff.

  • Thanks for a suggestion but I can't file directory share/qtcreator and its subdirectories in my installation of 5.2.1 on Mac. Where should I look for it? Or do I need to install Qt with sources?

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    Looking into the package young one ;)


  • Great! Learning something every day.

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