ERROR: Unsupported Build Type (Please Help!)

  • I'm trying to build from source. I keep getting a lot of errors. I really don't know much about coding or C++. I got the source code for this project from a friend and the online directions say to use QT Creator to build it. It keeps saying "Unsupported Build Type"

    Error while parsing file C:/Users/Chad/Documents/GitHub/qgroundcontrol/ Giving up.
    Cannot read C:/iwmake/build_mingw_opensource/mkspecs/default/qmake.conf: No such file or directory
    Could not read qmake configuration file C:/iwmake/build_mingw_opensource/mkspecs/default/qmake.conf.
    Could not find qmake configuration file default.
    Project MESSAGE: Qt version 5.2.1
    Project ERROR: Unsupported build type
    C:/Users/Chad/Desktop/qgroundcontrol/QGCExternalLibs.pri(419): Extra characters after test expression.
    C:/Users/Chad/Desktop/qgroundcontrol/QGCExternalLibs.pri(432): Assignment needs exactly one word on the left hand side.
    C:/Users/Chad/Desktop/qgroundcontrol/QGCExternalLibs.pri(435): Extra characters after test expression.
    C:/Users/Chad/Desktop/qgroundcontrol/QGCExternalLibs.pri(436): Extra characters after test expression.
    Cannot read C:/Users/Chad/Desktop/qgroundcontrol/user_config.pri: No such file or directory

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did these sources come with a .pro.user file in them ? If so, close Qt Creator, remove that file and open the project.

  • Thanks for replying.

    I have already removed the .pro.user file. I did some google searching to find that. I still get these errors.

    I tried making a new project to do a "Hello World" type tutorial and got an error that "QT version is not properly installed, please run make install"

  • I think you installed just a Qt Creator IDE, it is not enough, you need a whole Qt SDK for compiling Qt projects. Download it from "here":

  • Whenever I try to download the "Qt 5.2.1 for Windows 64-bit (VS 2012, 556 MB)" My comp says its malicious and blocks it. I'm assuming I should download that one unless you mean something else. Idk why it would block it though.

  • If you use VS compiler so yes you need download this file. But if you don't have any compiler installed you can download "Qt 5.2.1 for Windows 32-bit ( MinGW 4.8, OpenGL, 634 MB ) ": it contains MinGW compiler inside.

  • Ah so does VS 2012 refer to Visual Studios 2012. I'm using Visual Studios 2013 and see no download for that.

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    They will be available for Qt 5.3 currently in beta "here":

  • So I downloaded Qt 5.3 and tried to run the hello world code but got the same error of "Qt version is not properly installed, please run make install." Looking at other posts about this, people said you need a higher version of qmake. And to alter your path to the new qmake directory. Can someone explain if this is what I need to do and how to do it? I don't even understand what they mean.

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    Did you properly configured Qt Creator ? Add that new version to the known Qt Versions and make kit using it ?

  • Update: So I downloaded 5.3 and made sure that was the one being used. Specifically Qt 5.3.0 MSVC2013 OpenGL 32bit. I made a kit using this version, a compiler that works (Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 12.0 (x86)) and I still get the Unsupported Build Type Error.

  • Any help?

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