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QSSLSocket errors using embedded linux

  • We have a project using embedded linux. It needs to send emails. We have tried a couple different clients and versions that use qsslsocket. The errors we are getting are the socket gets closed before we receive the connection is encrypted signal or if we wait using the socket->waitForEncrypted() method. We are not sure if it uses openssl, openssh, libssl or other external libraries. We may need to update them to a newer version but not sure what it would be. We are using QT 4.8.4. Our linux toolchain is Freescales Ltib.
    Both clients we try work when we use them in windows and ubuntu, but the cross compiled version we run on our target has the above issues.

  • This issue was associated with the ssl certificates. The embedded linux version of openssl does not create the certificates. We had to manually create all the certificates and then the secure connection happened.

    "Here is the site that showed us how to create the cert..":

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