QtCreator 2.4.1, autocomplete issue with menu actions

  • I'm using QtCreator 2.4.1 with Qt 4.7.4 on Windows 7 on one machine.

    I've started a new project.

    • entered a few actions
    • renamed them
    • added additional actions & renamed them
    • assigned slots

    Then I've wanted to enabled/disable some according to specific conditions.
    a) first, I've noted that autocomplete offers me old names - before renaming them
    to compile had to correct to new action name
    b) second, only part of the actions are listed (missing ones from step 3 in above list)

    Tried to clean the project, run qmake, rebuild it, restart QtCreator,... but nothing helped

    Any idea?

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    Consider updating Qt Creator, the latest version is 3.1

  • Thanks for your answer. But...

    It would require upgrade to Qt5 and rewrite part of old projects I have there.

    Meanwhile, I remembered I had this problem in the past and have a workaround for it.
    The problem is fully reproducible:

    • when you have multiple projects opened, containing files with same filenames (e.g.: mainwindow.h/cpp)
    • then QtCreator (at least predecesors of 3.X) reads variables/functions/etc. from wrong files, not from the active project

    So, I removed other projects and overcome the problem.

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    Not at all, Qt Creator doesn't impose such a restriction. The Qt version used to build Qt Creator has nothing to do with the one you use for development e.g. you can use the same for desktop/Android/iOS/embedded linux development. Except that if you want to use Qt 5.2 and upper you have to use Qt Creator 3 or above.

    I remember having a similar problem, but I haven't tried with the latest version.

    Anyway, glad you found a workaround

  • I can differentiate between QtCreator and Qt itself.
    But when I've tried this step I had some issues, so I kept the QtSDK 1.2.1 as it is.

    Will probably retry using the new IDE with old framework.

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