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[closed] Dependency issues with subdirs and libraries

  • I have a project that has a main application and two libraries. I have created a top level subdirs project that is supposed to bind everything together.

    Everything is working great except that if I make any modifications in either of my two libraries, they don't get compiled in the main app unless I compile twice or rebuild. Annoying.

    Here is the project file for my subdirs project:


    TEMPLATE = subdirs

    SUBDIRS += ../Underworld ../Horus ../Lotus

    Underworld.subdirs = Underworld
    Horus.subdirs = Horus

    Horus.depends = Underworld
    Lotus.depends = Underworld
    Lotus.depends = Horus

    I got the direction to set this up from another site. But the dependency issues don't seem 100% resolved. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Whoops. This issue got double posted. My first attempt seemed to fail. So I retyped under another post. But now we know otherwise ;)

  • I'm closing this one as a duplicate

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