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A toolbar that looks like Android Action Bar

  • I played around with Qt to constrcut something that looks like Androids Action Bar. It's working now and I like to share that widget with you. See http://stefanfrings.de/android_qt/index-en.html

    The most difficult thing was, that the window refused to become smaller than the action bar. So when I first enlarged the window (so all action buttons are visible), then I was not able to bring the window back to its previous size, where only some few action buttons had space. This was a big issue on Android when the user rotates the screen to landscape format and then back to portrait format.

    Please try it and let me know what you think about it.

  • Thank for sharing.
    Will you implement it in QML?

  • I avoid qml for the moment, but that may change later.

  • I was hoping that this would be in QML as well. I've had to basically implement my own, both for the action bar and navigation drawer, for an app I'm currently working on (I'm not currently happy enough with the result to share).

    It would be useful to see something like this added to the QtQuick Controls module or similar.

  • s.frings74, thank you for sharing your project C++ code with the community. Not everyone who works with Qt mobile dev wants to jump on the Qt Quick bandwagon.

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