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Deploying libmysqlclient to android device?

  • I managed to build MySql driver for Android, but I am stuck at deployment.

    I built it using mariadb from "this wiki page":http://qt-project.org/wiki/Build_Qt5_mysql_plugin_for_Android

    The ideea is I don't know how can I deploy libmysqlclient to my device(AVD atm).

    On desktop is fairly simple. Can someone help me? I am starting to loose it a bit.

  • I found "this tutorial":http://sysmagazine.com/posts/134502/

    But I can't get past
    bq. 1. In line set( ANDROID_NDK_DEFAULT_SEARCH_PATH /path/to/android-ndk ) to specify a path on whom Android-ndk are allocat.
    2. In line set( ANDROID_NDK_TOOLCHAIN_DEFAULT_SEARCH_PATH /path/to/toolchain ) to specify a path on whom the tooling of the assembly are allocat.

    Nazovyom the edit file, say, android.cmake
    Otdayom of a command:

    export ANDROID_NDK=/full/path/to/necessitas/android-ndk
    cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=/path/to/mysql-connector-c-6.0.2/android.cmake

    Where do I set the lines?

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