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Mouse event on android and freescale i.mx6

  • I use Qt5.2 on Android with Freescale SABRESD-MX6DQ. Now the program works fine. But when the mouse move, a lot of messages are repeatedly displayed in the application output window in Qt creator. The messages are:

    @W/dalvikvm( 5066): Stack overflow on call to interp (req=76 top=0x400ee000 cur=0x400e8324 size=24576 Ljava/lang/reflect/Method;.<init>)
    I/dalvikvm( 5066): threadid=1: stack overflow on call to Ljava/lang/reflect/Method;.<init>:VLLLLLI
    I/dalvikvm( 5066): method requires 32+20+4=56 bytes, fp is 0x400e8310 (16 left)
    I/dalvikvm( 5066): expanding stack end (0x400e8300 to 0x400e8000)
    D/dalvikvm( 5066): Method class init threw exception
    I/dalvikvm( 5066): Shrank stack (to 0x400e8300, curFrame is 0x400e83f0)
    W/Qt A11y ( 5066): EXCEPTION in dispatchHoverEvent for Accessibility: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException @

    In the qml, there are codes like:

    @ MouseArea {
    id: mouseArea
    anchors.fill: parent
    hoverEnabled: true
    ... // event processing code
    ... // event processing code
    ... // event processing code

    What these messages means and how to dispel them?

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