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Android Image?

  • Qt Creator supports development for the desktop and for the following types of devices:

    *Android Device, ...

    To add kits:

    Select Tools > Options > Build & Run > Kits > Add.

    In the Device type field, select the type of the device.

    Double-click the icon next to the field to select the image that is displayed in the kit selector for this kit. You can use any image in a supported file format (for example, PNG). The image is scaled to the size 64x64 pixels. For example, using the compiler logo as an icon allows you to easily see, which compiler is used to build the project for the selected kit.

    My question is where can I find the android image that is defaulted on other auto detected android devices? Right now my is stuck on the Desktop image.

  • That's what I'm talking about. The first link is the image I want and the second link is what it currently looks like.


  • It see the correct image there. When I click onto it, a file-open dialog pops up with the filename "QtAndroid.png" in the root folder. But there is no such file, neither in the root folder nor somewhere else in the installation directory of Qt. Maybe it's part of a resource file.

  • Isn't that strange?! If its part of a resource file, how do we get a hold of it?

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