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Qt Creator ignore 'Tab' key when editing project files (.pro, .pri, .prf)

  • I have an installation of Qt Creator 3.0.1 running at work and an installation at home. At home creator responds to the tab key when editing project files; however at work (on my machine and on all other machines) pressing the tab key does nothing. I have checked all of the environment settings to ensure that tabs are setup and everything. To my knowledge both environments (home and work) are the same but act differently ... why?! I've done some searching and haven't seen any solutions, so apologies if this has been answered ... and if so can someone point me to it? Thanks!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What OS are you running on ?

    You might also want to check out Qt Creator 3.1 that's almost out to see if it's still the case

  • No matter how hard you try there's always at least one piece of information left out when posting on a forum for help ...

    In all cases I'm using windows 7 x64. I have to wait until tonight to test 3.1 as I can't dl it at work.

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