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Creating 64 bit version of my application?

  • Hi,
    I am successful in developing my application with Qt 4.8.1 with MinGW compiler for 32 bit Windows.
    Now I want to support 64 bit version of my application too.
    I want to move on to the latest version of Qt i.e. Qt5.2 and already have downloaded the source files.

    The problem is that I dont know whether I have to build the entire Qt or just the dll's that I am using - QtCore4.dll QtGui4.dll and QtNetwork4.dll?
    Since I already have the source code for my application I just need to compile it in 64.
    So for building my 64 bit application do I only need to build the required modules of Qt?
    If yes then how do do this?
    Please forgive me if I am asking a basic question, but this is my first time with application development and hence am looking for some help...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    To build a 64bit application you need to either download or build a 64 bit version of Qt.

    You can find "here": unofficial packages of Qt that includes a MinGW 64 bit version

    Hope it helps

  • Thank You SGaist for your reply.
    Qt for my compiler is not available, I have to build my own Qt.
    But my question is that whether I need to build all of the Qt modules or just the ones I am using?

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    Depends on your future development tasks, so it's really up to you

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